Toshiba PC’S renamed! Goodbye, Toshiba. Hello, Dynabook

Toshiba PC’S renamed to Dynabook.

What is known?

Toshiba decided not to use the Toshiba brand name. Specifically, Toshiba Consumer Products Group (TCS) announced that it has changed its name to Dynabook in North America, Europe, Singapore, Canada, and Australia.

Toshiba’s consumer division’s main business is PC products. The main reason for this amazing change is that in June last year, A Japanese company Sharp announced the acquisition of Toshiba PC business for US$36 million. In fact, Sharp has withdrawn from the PC market since 2010. It seems that after Guo Taiming’s Hon Hai operation, he hopes to rekindle.

In addition, at the time of Sharp’s acquisition, TCS Group plans to divest from Toshiba Group, but the latter is still willing to share the Toshiba brand usage rights.

Takayuki Tono, senior vice president of North America at Dynabook, said that even if the company changed its name, they were still the company that launched the world’s first notebook in 1985. More than 30 years of accumulation and breakthrough in screens, batteries, design, and wireless technology, Dynabook says that it will continue its legacy.

Source: MyDrivers

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