Transparent foldable phone from LG is a unique device

Transparent foldable phone from LG is a unique device: 2019 will certainly be remembered as the year of the debut of the folding smartphone. LG Patent device that shows a very unique mobile phone with a flexible transparent screen. The user can operate the device via touch input via the rear.

What is known?

The Korean company LG has been experimenting with transparent displays for several years. The company showed at CES 2019 a transparent OLED TV with a transparency of 40%. A year earlier LG also showed the 77-inch flexible and transparent SID 2018 4k UHD OLED screen. A newly published patent shows that LG is considering using similar technology to apply to future smartphones.

We had heard about the transparent smartphone in the past, It is not the first time. Like, At the end of last year Sony patented a double-sided transparent smartphone. However, LG is a foldable phone, which features a large double-sided transparent flexible screen.

Transparent foldable phone patent

Transparent foldable phone from LG is a unique device

On April 9, 2019, the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) published a patent from LG Electronics. The patent with the title ‘Mobile Terminal’ was filed more than three years earlier but has only now been approved and published. It concerns a folding phone with a transparent flexible display.

Many foldable smartphone models are encountered, but a transparent foldable phone was never heard before. It is a very detailed patent, in which the operation and the user interface, but also the materials used are extensively described.

Smartphone patented consists almost entirely of the screen. A large flexible screen is used on both the front/back and the inside. It can be expanded to be used as a tablet. Narrow screen edges of the phone that are all but transparent.

Once open folded, a left, and the right part are the two parts of the flexible screen. These can independently display transparent or opaque content, the degree of transparency depending on the angle at which the device is held. The transparency is minimal If the smartphone is flat. The transparency increases and you can look through the screen, as soon as you fold the device a little.

The rear touch sensor gets activated, as the transparency of the screen, information reaches more than 20%. In other words, the user can not only see his own hand through the screen, but it is also possible to operate the smartphone from the rear – no matter how you hold the phone. Madness!

Transparent foldable phone from LG is a unique device

Yet it also sounds a bit cumbersome. Because regardless of the application when a pop-up screen opens, you have to finish it via the front of the screen. If you operate the device with your finger from the rear, you don’t want to have to move your hand to the front every time to handle a pop-up screen.

However, the patent still discusses numerous operating options. This allows the user to decide, which screen they will see when the device is folded. If you fold the phone closed, you will see the screen that was shown on the right-hand side when unfolded. If you fold the phone close while holding the front and back, the left side of the screen is shown.

Also the description goes more deeply into the camera system. A front camera will be applied on the front. In addition, the rear will have a camera system with multiple lenses. Among other things, a laser sensor will be included, making detection of a physical object in relation to a 3D stereoscopic image possible.

Transparent Display

Transparent foldable phone from LG is a unique device transparent display

It is a special innovation, of course no longer a secret that LG has a folding phone in development and also known that the company develops transparent screens. Yet we have heard about this combination for the first time.

It sounds fantastic; a transparent foldable phone, but before this device can be marketed as a successful end product, many obstacles will undoubtedly have to be removed.

Of course, with transparent screens, LG has already gained some experience, yet it is not just about technology. The user experience will largely determine the success. The technology is one, but to develop a user-friendly and intuitive operation for it, that will still be a challenge.

Nevertheless, LG continuing to think and act futuristically are naturally welcome . Because now the first foldable smartphones have been officially introduced and the Samsung Galaxy Fold is available in less than one month, the possibilities are open for a new era of cell phones.

View the LG Electronics patent here.

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