TSMC $100 billion investment: TSMC, record investment in chip production of $100 billion in 3 years

TSMC $100 billion investment, 100 billion dollars in three years: this is the staggering amount that TSMC intends to invest in expanding and renewing its chip manufacturing capabilities.

The news comes at a particularly critical time for the semiconductor market: the pandemic has not only caused delays in factories but has skyrocketed the demand for electronic devices such as computers, tablets, GPUs, and much more.

The Taiwanese chipmaker had previously announced that in 2021 alone he would invest 28 billion, but the latest developments in the sector have convinced him to go even further.

According to inside information obtained by Bloomberg, TSMC’s factories have been operating over 100% of their capacity for more than 12 months and, despite this, demand remains above supply.

Car manufacturers, in particular, have been at the expense of this, as with the advent of electric power they increasingly rely on electronic systems such as ADAS, central units that are in fact computers, and lots of smart sensors.

A few days ago, it was rumored that TSMC would increase its price list to cope with the emergency: a confirmation or denial should have arrived shortly, but for now, there has been no talk of it yet.

Among other things, rumors always suggested that the 4nm production process would arrive ahead of schedule: in the fourth quarter of 2021, instead of 2022.

New details indicate that Apple, TSMC’s largest customer, is it would be awarded a front-row seat and that it will use it to make Apple Silicon chips for its next-generation Macs.

It is worth noting that TSMC’s main competitors, namely Samsung and Intel, have also announced massive investments in their respective foundries.

However, they are heavily scaled down by today’s announcements: there is talk of 20 billion for Intel , with the aim of building two new foundries in Arizona, and 115 billion for Samsung, but over 10 years .


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