Uber AR: Uber plans to add augmented reality apps to allow users to quickly find reserved vehicles

Just as Google adds augmented reality technology to the Google Maps service, which allows users to find the correct route in a more intuitive way, or find the correct entrance during indoor navigation, Uber seems to be planning to add augmented reality to its service App.

The application of environmental technology makes it easier for users to find reserved vehicles and service drivers at numerous locations in the vehicle.

According to Twitter user Steve Moser, a description of augmented reality applications was recently discovered in the Uber iOS version of the App, and Uber first filed related technology patents in 2019, which stated that it will allow users to display augmented reality screens through their mobile phones, and find the reserved vehicle and driver among many vehicles with relevant prompts.

In the related description, augmented reality can only be activated outdoors and in a walking situation, and it also includes requiring users to pay attention to nearby road conditions. The GPS positioning function of the mobile phone will also be used to confirm the user’s location.

For situations where there may be many vehicles at the reserved pick-up location, or the user must go to a specific pick-up location, it is obviously more intuitive and intuitive to instruct the user to quickly find the reserved vehicle and wait for the pick-up location by means of augmented reality. Convenient approach.

However, it is not yet possible to confirm whether Uber will enable this feature in the new version of the service App.

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