Verizon officially launched 5G commercial network in the United States, and measured how fast the network speed is.

Verizon officially launched 5G commercial. On April 4th US operator Verizon announced on Wednesday that it has officially opened commercial 5G network services in parts of Chicago and Minneapolis, which will be used for next-generation communication connectivity devices, compared to the company’s initial announcement a week ahead, the company will launch 5G networks in another 30 markets this year.

Verizon officially launched 5G commercial

The company said that customers using its 5G network can get an average download speed of 450 Mbps, a peak speed of 1 Gbps, and latency of fewer than 30 milliseconds.

So how fast is the speed of the network? The demonstration was officially performed at the Verizon store on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. The demo model used the Moto Z3, a smartphone launched last summer. To use a 5G network, the 5G Moto Mod needs to be connected to the back of the phone.

In this test, Moto Z3 download speed reached 641 Mbps, although it did not reach the so-called 1 Gbps speed of the 5G network, but it exceeded Verizon’s claimed the average speed of 450 Mbps, Verizon also expected that with the establishment of the network and technology Improvement, speed will increase.

More importantly, it is much faster than current LTE. Verizon has the fastest LTE to date, but its average is only 85.8 Mbps. And foreign media said that the test shows that the 5G network speed is also very stable.

It should be pointed out that the speed seen in the Verizon store may not reflect reality. After all, there are not many mobile phones connected to the 5G network. But then again, one of the features of 5G is the ability to handle more devices while using the network, so this is definitely better than 4G.

In terms of price, Verizon will charge an additional 10G 5G unlimited traffic fee per month based on the regular unlimited traffic plan, so the user’s monthly bill will increase to $95. However, Verizon said that 5G will be available for free in the first three months.

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