Video call get more realistic with Zoom’s new feature

Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone, and Zoom Video Webinars are new features that are coming across from the video conferencing platform Zoom.

Zoom will rollout the ‘Immersive View’ feature which will allow the user to set a personalized background theme, like a courtroom or classroom, as an alternative to a meeting room theme for their online conference. Which would display the host’s videos with the scene that they would have shared.

This service can only host up to 25 participants in a scene. If the participants are over 25, they will be shown on the top of the scene with a thumbnail strip.

Meeting and webinar hosts will have the option of switching to Zoom’s Immersive View in the same fashion they do for the Speaker or Gallery View.
Additionally, this view will enable hosts to position participants automatically or manually, as well as transfer them around the environment or resize their image.

For Windows and macOS users, the Zoom application offers extended Immersive View support on using Zoom 5.6.3 or higher, which is offered for free as well as a single-use Pro account.

Notably, if any attendees are using an earlier version of Zoom, they will appear to see other meeting attendees in either Speaker View or Gallery View.
Others in the meeting, on the other hand, will continue to see these unsupported members in the Immersive View scene using their original backgrounds theme.

To get Immersive view to work, on your Zoom you need to follow steps below.

1. Log in to Zoom’s web portal.

2. Select Settings from the navigation menu.

3. Choose the ‘In Meeting (Advanced)’ option.

4. Locate and enable Immersive View.

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