Volkswagen ID.3 is to receive a higher quality interior

Volkswagen ID.3 is to receive a higher quality interior. Buyers of the ID.3 were amazed at the inexpensive plastics inside the electric car. Now Volkswagen wants to make improvements.

Volkswagen wants to build a higher quality interior for the ID.3 in the future after customers complained about the relatively inexpensive workmanship inside the electric car. The quality standard should also be set even higher when it comes to painting. The Handelsblatt reports .

The ID.3 has been delivered since September 2020 and apparently did not please all customers. “The cheap plastic should disappear, which will drive the costs per vehicle up significantly,” it said from corporate circles, without the Handelsblatt citing specific people. It is not known when the innovations will be incorporated into the series.

The plastic on the dashboard and the side panels of the doors is noticeably worse than, for example, in the new Golf. If you open the bonnet, you can see inside that the paint quality is rather inferior. That doesn’t have to be detrimental to the vehicle, but at the high prices that Volkswagen is charging for the electric car, this could have annoyed some buyers.

The Handelsblatt reports that Herbert Diess, in his previous role as head of the core Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, pushed for lower manufacturing costs. He therefore accepted the quality compromises with the first ID.3 generation.

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