WhatsApp account will not be disabled: WhatsApp changed its mind – accounts of users who do not accept the new rules before May 15 will not be disabled

Recently, the WhatsApp messenger has faced a wave of criticism due to the introduction of an updated user agreement. The deadline for the adoption of the new rules expires on May 15, otherwise users will face some restrictions.

What’s next?

Initially, WhatsApp threatened to delete or block the accounts of users who do not agree to the new rules. Now the team has softened the “punishment”, promising not to delete anything.

Thus, after May 15, dissenters will be able to continue using the app, but they will continue to be sent notifications with a reminder of the changes and a request to accept them.

Next, WhatsApp will switch to the limited functionality mode. Users will not be able to access their chat list, but will still be able to receive any incoming audio and video calls. In a few more weeks, this opportunity will be gone. That is, in any case, if you plan to use the messenger in the future, you will have to accept the rules.

WhatsApp does not set an exact date for any of these events, giving a hazy period for each state, which will presumably be individual.

In any case, WhatsApp reported that the majority has already agreed to the new rules.

Recall, as the team explained, the rules will not affect correspondence. They are still encrypted, and messages will not be stored on Facebook’s servers. And Facebook Facebook’s practice of sharing some information has existed before, since WhatsApp is a child app of Facebook.

Source: GSMArena


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