WhatsApp Banned 2.07 Million Indian Accounts to Prevent Harmful Behaviour in August

According to WhatsApp’s India transparency report, users and the India Grievance Officer filed 222 appeals in August, with 41 accounts being “actioned.”

WhatsApp claims it has received 420 complaints from users, with the India Grievance Officer handling the majority of them.

In August, WhatsApp banned nearly 2 million accounts in an effort to combat misuse and destructive behaviour on the network.

According to WhatsApp’s most recent transparency report, which was released to comply with the new Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021, the company banned a total of 20,70,000 accounts in a single month.

During the time period covered by the report, users and the India Grievance Officer filed a total of 222 ban appeals, with 41 accounts being “actioned.”

WhatsApp acknowledged in its third transparency report that the company received 420 user inquiries in August.

There were 222 ban appeals, 105 account help questions, and 76 reports about product and other support issues received by WhatsApp.

There were also 17 reports of safety issues received by WhatsApp. Only 41 accounts were acted upon out of the 222 ban petitions received by users and the India Grievance Officer.

WhatsApp has its own mechanisms to prevent harmful behaviour on the network, in addition to reacting to user concerns. These technologies identify abuse at three points in an account’s life cycle: while registration, during messaging, and in reaction to negative input, such as user reports and blocks.

WhatsApp stated in July that India alone accounts for 25% of all blocked accounts worldwide. It stated that the worldwide average is around 8 million accounts banned each month, implying that bans in India account for roughly a fourth of all global bans (mostly for mass messaging or spam).

WhatsApp banned a total of 3,027,000 accounts between June 16 and July 31. Between May 15 and June 15, WhatsApp blocked 2,011,000 accounts in India.


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