WHO recognized play disorder as a disease, and here’s how to understand that you are sick.

WHO gaming disorder: Last weekend, the World Health Organization added a “gaming disorder” to the international classification of diseases.

What is known?

Doctors described the disease as a model of behavior in which games are given more priority than other activities. To confirm the diagnosis of human behavior should greatly deteriorate, affecting relationships with loved ones, and the disorder itself manifests itself within 12 months.

“Inclusion of gambling disorder in ICD-11 occurs after many countries have developed treatment programs for people with impairments that are identical to those of gambling disorders and will encourage health workers to pay more attention to risk the development of this disorder and, consequently, the corresponding measures for its prevention and treatment, ”explains WHO.

At the same time, organizations from the gaming industry, such as ESA, ISFE, and UKIE, believe that WHO should reconsider the decision. Representatives said medical professionals should do more research, because a “play disorder” may be a symptom of another serious illness.

“WHO is a respected organization, and its leadership should be based on regular, inclusive and transparent conclusions, backed up by independent experts. There is not enough convincing evidence to justify the inclusion of a game disorder in one of the most important WHO regulatory documents, ”reads the Entertainment Software Association.

Despite criticism from representatives of the industry, the “play disorder” will fall into ICD-11 already on January 1, 2022. It is possible that until that time there will be new studies refuting the statements of WHO.

Source: Gamesindustry.biz

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