Xiaomi and Oppo smartphones with their own 5G CPUs from 2022?

Only modems from Qualcomm and MediaTek are currently stuck in 5G-capable smartphones, while Apple is doing its own thing on the side. From 2022, Xiaomi and Oppo also want to use their own 5G-capable SoCs, at least according to a report from Asia.

Xiaomi and Oppo smartphones with their own 5G CPUs

As the Taiwanese industry service DigiTimes reports, citing sources from the environment of the two Chinese smartphone manufacturers Oppo and Xiaomi, they are working on their own 5G-capable platforms for their devices. These could be used in smartphones in the lower price ranges as early as 2022.

The information probably comes from the environment of TSMC, the world’s largest contract manufacturer for processors of all kinds, which could also play a role in the plans of Xiaomi and Oppo, after all, the new 5G-capable chips have to be produced somewhere.

Chip developer took over by Huawei

The development of the in-house 5G SoCs from Oppo and Xiaomi is made possible because the two manufacturers aggressively poached former employees from Huawei after the Chinese group is said to have almost completely stopped smartphone development due to the US sanctions.

Both Xiaomi and Oppo are said to be initially working on processors that are equipped with a 5G modem for sub-6 GHz networks. Initially, they want to use the new SoCs in “entry-level 5G smartphones”.

The presentation of the new chips is supposed to take place between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, with the first devices equipped with them should go on sale from the first half of next year.

It is currently unclear whether the new smartphones with Xiaomi’s and Oppos’s own processors will also be offered worldwide. At least Xiaomi already had its own SoC design in a smartphone with the Surge S1 a few years ago, but then quickly switched back to solutions from Qualcomm and MediaTek.

Thanks to the CPU and modem development specialists taken over by Huawei, Xiaomi’s teams should have opened up various new opportunities.

In the Chinese market, in particular, the in-house SoCs from Oppo and Xiaomi could well meet with some interest. Amd, processors, Ces, notebooks, chips, mobile, laptops, CES 2020, Cpus, Ryzen 4000AMD

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