Xiaomi CyberDog Official Video Showcase

Xiaomi officially introduced the CyberDog earlier this week. It’s a quadruped robot that works in the same way as Boston Dynamic’s Spot robot dog. The company has now published an official video demonstrating the new robot.

The Chinese tech giant’s CyberDog is a bio-inspired robot that runs on NVIDIA’s Jetson Xavier NX AI Supercomputer for Embedded and Edge Systems and 128GB of near-industrial-grade SSD.

The robot’s head is equipped with a multitude of cameras, microphones, and sensors that give it spatial vision similar to that of the human eye. It also has a number of capabilities, such as voice control, and can be operated remotely using a smartphone.

Now, we can see how it works in real life thanks to the company’s most recent video. We can see the quadruped robot being built in the video, following which it stands up and starts walking.

Xiaomi even emphasizes its toughness, with a picture showing it working in the rain, while simultaneously emphasizing its agility and mobility. It can even execute a full backflip on its own, which is impressive.

The CyberDog is priced at 9,999 Yuan (approximately 1,540 US Dollars) and is a smart device that can be used to operate other smart household equipment such as the TV, vacuum cleaner, air conditioner, and air purifier, according to official notes. It also has the XiaoAI system. Overall, the company’s offering is quite impressive.

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