Xiaomi electric car price

The head of Xiaomi spoke in more detail about when to wait for the first car of the company and it may not be so cheap.

At the end of March, Xiaomi held a presentation of new products. The event came out large-scale and cool, both in terms of the number of new products and ideologically. Significant changes await the company.

One of them – Xiaomi enters the electric car market. She has the drive, passion, and resources to start building electric cars. It has already been determined that in the next 10 years the company will invest $ 10 billion in a new direction for itself.

At the presentation itself, there were no specifics when the Xiaomi electric car would enter the market. Lei Jun hosted a fan meeting yesterday with a focus on car manufacturing. 

Xiaomi electric car price

From this conversation, it became clear that the company plans to release its first electric car in three years. It will be an SUV or sedan, and its cost will vary in the price range from 100 to 300 thousand yuan, which is approximately $ 15,000 – 45,000.

The head of the company said that “the car is the decisive battle.” They have a team of 10,000 people who are capable of a lot. There is a chasm between smartphones and cars, especially when it comes to technology. 

But they are able to go the necessary way in three years. The plans are definitely ambitious. I would like to hope that the company will be able to implement its plans and no one or nothing will interfere with it. 

Do not forget that the trade war between the United States and China is not over, which means that there is no certainty that America will not decide to rein in the presumptuous upstart and Xiaomi will not repeat the fate of Huawei. 

We can only watch what is happening and in three years our resource will be among those who will tell you about the company’s first electric car.

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