Xiaomi for musicians: the company introduced a smart ukulele

Xiaomi smart ukulele for musicians: Xiaomi has released a smart ukulele Populele 2. The first version was presented back in 2017.

What is known?

Users received the first Populele well, so Xiaomi decided to make an improved version. Populele 2 has a more streamlined design that looks more like an electronic than a traditional ukulele.

The first tool was made from Indonesian rosewood. This time the body is made of carbon fiber, supplemented with ASA resin. The Hawaiian four-stringed guitar comes in black and white matte colors.

Xiaomi smart ukulele for musicians

The ukulele has Bluetooth, with which you can connect your device to the Music CP app on your smartphone. It shows chords and saves them for the future. Attached you can find popular songs that are studied in just a couple of days.

There is also a metronome, which, with constant errors, slows down the tempo of the song. This allows beginners to master the tool. The study guide was developed in conjunction with the Berkeley College of Music.

Xiaomi smart ukulele for musicians

The cost of Populele 2 is $ 89.

Source: Xiaomi

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