Xiaomi Foxconn factory line: How is a Xiaomi 9 mobile phone produced?

On April 2, Xiaomi invited media to visit the Foxconn Technology Industrial Park in Langfang. The most important product lines of Xiaomi 9 and most of the Xiaomi 9 mobile phones are produced in Langfang Foxconn. Here we saw the entire assembly process of the Xiaomi 9 mobile phone.

The first thing we saw was the SMT production line of Xiaomi 9, which is where the mobile phone motherboard is processed. Solder the components on the phone to the PCB main board. Almost all of them use automated robots to complete the work. The workers are mainly responsible for checking and adding raw materials.

The mobile phone chip, resistors, and capacitors are placed on the main board by the robot according to the specified coordinates, and then through the reflow oven, the entire motherboard is processed. The robot can complete the placement and soldering of the chip very accurately and quickly. One production line can produce 8000 mobile phone motherboards a day, and such an SMT production line has a total of 10 productions in Langfang Foxconn.

Then we visited the assembly workshop of the Xiaomi 9 mobile phone, where the assembling of the motherboard, screen, camera, earpiece, battery, wireless charging coil and other components of the Xiaomi 9 mobile phone to the mobile phone was going.

The final step is to install the glass back shell of the mobile phone to the fuselage. It is also precisely positioned by a precise robot, and the back cover is tightly fitted to the body. Then the mobile phone system is written into the assembled mobile phone. At this step, the assembly of a Xiaomi 9 mobile phone has been basically completed.

After the assembly is completed, the mobile phone is not directly shipped but undergoes rigorous stress testing. In the aging test workshop, the assembled mobile phone simulates the heavy use of the user, and test whether there are any software and hardware problem on the mobile phone.

After that, the mobile phone will be processed by p2i, which is to cover the surface of the mobile phone with the nano-scale coating, so that the surface of the mobile phone is hydrophobic, and the liquid can be prevented from entering the mobile phone, thereby achieving the level of anti-splash. The entire p2i process lasts for 3 hours.

The last production line is the packaging of the mobile phone. When the mobile phone comes here, the final test of the functions such as the screen and the camera carried out. Then they put the network license on the back, paste the barcode, paste the screen film, and finally time to keep it in the box. After a series of complicated processes, Xiaomi 9 mobile phone was assembled in this way.

These produced Xiaomi 9 will be temporarily stored in the temporary storage area of the factory, and then sent to various sales channels. The person in charge of the factory said that the sales of Xiaomi 9 mobile phone are very hot, so that the mobile phone produced does not need to be stored in the warehouse, and there will be a forklift truck to take the freight.

Xiaomi 9 series mobile phones have shipped 1.5 million units by the end of March, including more than 1 million Xiaomi 9 mobile phones. The person in charge of Xiaomi said that the foundry is now working overtime to produce mobile phone products, which is also to provide sufficient supply for the upcoming Xiaomi festival.

After the factory visit, Qiao Tonghu, senior manager of mobile phone delivery management of the production management department of Xiaomi Group’s mobile phone department, and Xu Jieyun, general manager of Xiaomi Group’s public relations department, accepted questions from the media. Everyone is most concerned about the production capacity of Xiaomi 9 mobile phone.

The person in charge of Xiaomi said that the problems encountered in the early production are in two aspects. First, the supply of camera modules is relatively small, which limits the overall production capacity. Then the proficiency of the worker’s master is constantly improving. By mid-March, the problem of limiting production capacity has been gradually solved, and the Xiaomi 9 mobile phone will have enough goods to satisfy consumers.

Xiaomi 9 is assembled and manufactured by three domestic mobile phone OEMs, including Langfang Foxconn, Nanjing Yinghuada, and Xi’an BYD. Among them, Langfang Foxconn is responsible for most of the production. Nanjing Yinghuada has built a dust-free workshop, which is mainly responsible for the production of transparent and exclusive editions. Xi’an BYD is just beginning the assembly and production of the Xiaomi 9 mobile phone.

By visiting the production line of Xiaomi 9, I realized that Xiaomi and Langfang Foxconn are not only a foundry relationship but also a very close partner. At the production site, you can see the Xiaomi logo, the slogan, and the pattern everywhere. The production line has also seen a lot of production and processing equipment are provided by Xiaomi, with the close cooperation between Xiaomi and Foxconn, the products can enter the market smoothly.

At the same time, we also saw Xiaomi’s strict requirements for product quality. The person in charge said that Xiaomi is stepping up the time to optimize the testing process, using robots to improve testing efficiency, not only can increase production capacity, but also ensure that each delivery is as much as possible. The mobile phones to the users are all products with guaranteed quality.

Nowadays, through the continuous efforts of Xiaomi and Foxconn, the production capacity of Xiaomi 9 has had a very significant effect. While successfully completing the goal of shipping 1 million units in the first month, Xiaomi 9 is also stepping up production in two shifts, so that it should meet the consumer’s buying needs.

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