Xiaomi Gaming chair in the style of a sports car: for real cybersportsmen

Xiaomi Gaming chair: Xiaomi has introduced a chair for gamers AutoFull for $ 145. Previously, it was available only in China, now anyone can buy it.

What is known?

The company was clearly inspired by the design of sports car seats. This is evident in the shape of the headrest and lateral support, which will provide maximum comfort even during prolonged sitting at the computer.

Xiaomi Gaming chair

The case is made of high-quality cowhide, which is not heated as much as artificial. Inside the chair is high-density 45D cotton for proper distribution of pressure on the hips.

Xiaomi Gaming chair

4D armrests on the chair are adjustable in height, angle, and forward-back. The inclination of the backrest and the height of the seat can also be adjusted as desired. Soft silent wheels wrapped in polyurethane make it easy to move the chair without leaving marks on the floor.

Xiaomi Gaming chair

The novelty is available on the Xiaomi Youpin website in blue, yellow and gray.

Xiaomi Gaming chair

Xiaomi Gaming chair

Source: Xiaomi

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