Xiaomi has scheduled a global launch event on September 15th

Xiaomi stated on August 23, 2021 that it would hold a new product launch event on September 15, 2021. While the firm has yet to disclose which product it wants to introduce next month, the Mi Pad 5 tablet series and the Mi 11T smartphone are likely to be released for the worldwide market.

The Chinese internet behemoth announced the announcement on its official Twitter account, saying, “We promise this will be an exciting occasion for all of you!” Unfortunately, the firm did not provide any further information about the September 15 worldwide launch event.

However, the firm is expected to formally launch the Mi Pad 5 series of tablets in the worldwide market. Furthermore, the firm may release the Mi 11T alongside the new tablet lineup.

We previously revealed exclusively that Xiaomi intends to introduce the Mi Pad 5 series in Europe next month. There was no news about an official release date at the moment, but it now appears that we may expect a global release on September 15.

Similarly, we had reported that the firm was preparing to introduce the Mi 11T next month. Unlike the Mi Pad 5, however, our sources said the new smartphone would be unveiled on September 23.

As a result, Xiaomi may have accelerated the debut of both the tablet and phone. Alternatively, the gadget might arrive a few days later.

Keep in mind that this is merely rumour as of now, so take this storey with a grain of salt and stay tuned as we will be following the worldwide product launch event as well as any other updates that emerge regarding this subject.

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