Xiaomi MiJia wireless handheld vacuum cleaner sales amount exceeded 20 million yuan (∼$2.9 million)

Xiaomi MiJia vacuum cleaner sales amount exceeded 20 million: On March 29th, Xiaomi Mijia officially released a heavy new product of “high-end technology, half price” – Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner.

At 10 o’clock on the Xiaomi Fan festival on April 9th, Mijia held a wireless vacuum cleaner to open crowdfunding in Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Home, and authorized experience store. The retail price was 1299 yuan(~$194), and the crowdfunding price was only 1199 yuan(~$179).

This afternoon, Xiaomi officially announced that the crowdfunding of Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner has exceeded 20 million yuan.

Xiaomi MiJia vacuum cleaner sales amount exceeded 20 million

It is understood that the Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner adopts a 9-cone cyclone tornado design, has a 100,000-rpm high-speed brushless DC inverter motor, can provide 100AW large suction, and has a long-lasting suction-free loss.

In addition, the Mijia handheld vacuum cleaner adopts a 5-fold filter dust-removing system, namely 2-cyclonic centrifugal filtration + 3 heavy-duty filter physical filtration, which can firmly lock 99.97% of dust when used, preventing small particles from flowing back from the vacuum outlet of the vacuum cleaner.

In the air, it can achieve the discharge level of the purifier level and can eliminate the PM2.5 hazard and effectively avoid secondary pollution.

In terms of battery life, Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner body weight is only 1.5kg, battery capacity is 2500mAh, battery life in standard mode for 30 minutes, can easily clean 160m2 room.

In addition, Mijia handheld vacuum cleaner is equipped with four multi-function brush heads, which are soft fleece brush with a built-in motor, electric dust removal, and trampoline brush, as well as gap cleaning nozzle and dusting brush, which can meet the suction floor and suction bed.

Daily use scenes such as squatting, sucking inside, sucking high, sucking animal hair, and even sucking keyboard.

Source: MyDrivers

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