Xiaomi notebook official micro-release warm-up poster ultra-thin new products released on March 26

Recently, Xiaomi notebook official microblogging released preheating posters or revealed that the next new product is about to be released. Its Weibo copy shows “What weight is perfect for you? Xiaomi notebook new product, March 26, for you to reveal!”

Xiaomi notebook

In fact, from the poster embodied in 1. 07kg, we can see that the main selling point of this new product is light and portable. Currently on the market of the same type of laptop is not small, various manufacturers basically have representative works.

For example, Apple’s MacBook Air is a very well-known product. But compared to the 1.07kg figure, the MacBook Air is still the weight of 1.25kg slightly inferior.

Xiaomi notebook

As a benchmark product line, the performance of Xiaomi notebook Air in the market has been good, if a new product, it must be the sequel to the series. Xiaobian guessed that in addition to the commonality upgrade of the core specifications, there should be some changes in the appearance.

This new product will be officially released on March 26th. If you have any plans to change the thin and light version recently, Xiaobian suggested that you may wish to wait, in case the new product is suitable for your taste?

Source: Weibo

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