Xiaomi releases 20 new products in one day in China

On April 1st, Xiaomi held the Aisin Do not believe – Xiaomi 9th Anniversary Rice Noodle Festival President of China. At the press conference, Wang Chuan, the co-founder of Xiaomi Group and the president of China, unveiled 20 new products in an unprecedented breath, which made people feel overwhelmed.

But in these 20 new products, there are real and fake. Guess, which one is real and which one is fake?

The full list was published by one of the founders and vice-president of the company, he is the head of Wang Chuan. True, in that list, not all products are new  some of them simply debut in the Chinese market. For example, Mi Notebook 15.6 and Mi notebook Air 12.5, which were already mentioned about.

Of course, no cost and without the jokes  for example, the announcement of the rocket. But on the calendar on April 1, after all. 

The new products launched by Xiaomi at this conference include:

  • Xiaomi Mijia multifunctional electric cooking pot – 399 yuan ($60)
  • Xiaomi Mijia pressure IH rice cooker 1S – 1099 yuan ($164)
  • Xiaomi Mijia cooking machine – 699 yuan ($104)
  • Xiaomi Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner – 1199 yuan ($179)
  • Xiaomi Mijia sweeping robot 1S – 1999 yuan ($298)
  • Xiaomi Mijia temperature and humidity monitoring electronic watch – 79 yuan ($12)
  • Xiaomi Mijia giant gel pen – 20 yuan ($3)
  • Xiaomi Mijia helmet protective gear set – 199 yuan ($30)
  • Xiaomi Mijia walkie-talkie 2 – 449 yuan ($67)
  • Xiaomi 1 rocket (recent launch, no price attached),
  • Xiaomi Mi Notebook 15.6 inches – 3799 yuan ($566)
  • Xiaomi Mi notebook Air 12.5 inches – 3599 yuan ($536)
  • Xiaomi Mijia children anti-blue goggles –  99 yuan ($15)
  • Xiaomi Mijia anti-blue goggles – 99 yuan ($15)
  • Xiaomi Mijia anti-blue goggles Pro – 149 yuan ($22)
  • Xiaomi Mijia smart running shoes with automatic laces – 999 yuan ($149)
  • Xiaomi 20-inch suitcase – 279 yuan ($42)
  • Xiaomi suitcase youth edition – 199 yuan ($30)
  • Xiaomi 24-inch suitcase – 379 yuan ($56)
  • Xiaomi 28-inch suitcase 28 – 479 yuan ($71).

Xiaomi official said that among them, “Mijia intelligent running shoes with automatic laces, Mijia multifunctional electric cooking pot, Mijia broken wall cooking machine, Mijia giant who can write 4 circles around the football field can write a gel pen, and The Xiaomi 1 rocket is a special new product for April Fool’s Day. I wish you all a happy April Fool’s Day”.

In addition, Xiaomi also launched mentioned the “Xiaomi will send you into Space” program. Is it true or false? Please pay attention to the live broadcast in the next 9 days.

Xiaomi releases 20 new products

Also, Redmi Note 7 shipped more than 4 million units, this is not April Fool’s Day!

Source: MyDrivers

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