Xiaomi Smart TV sales exceeded 100,000 units in 12 hours

Xiaomi Smart TV sales exceeded 100,000 units in 12 hours: On April 9th, Xiaomi’s annual “2019 Power Sale Festival” officially opened. According to official data, as of 12 noon, Xiaomi TV’s omnichannel sales exceeded 100,000 units, and sales have exceeded 200 million.

In fact, the Chinese color TV market has been in a downturn in the past few years. Under such a background, Xiaomi TV can continue to rise against the market itself. It is a miracle. The Xiaomi festival has more than half a day, and Xiaomi TV is expected to break through new heights.

Xiaomi Smart TV sales exceeded 100,000 units in 12 hours

According to Chinese research analyst Penguin report, “Xiaomi is the choice of 40% of Internet users, accounting for 41.8%, ranking first in the selection of smart TV brands”. It can be seen that young users are fond of ten minutes of Xiaomi TV, and it is not surprising that the Xiaomi festival broke out.

Xiaomi TV is the first to lead the minimalist remote control design and smart TV system. The latest version of PatchWall artificial intelligence voice TV allows users to return to the living room. 

Xiaomi Smart TV sales exceeded 100,000 units in 12 hours

In addition, Xiaomi TV has built-in small love classmates and can control TV and nearly 2000 Xiaomi smart devices in one sentence. At the same time, Xiaomi TV is also the visual entrance of AIOT smart home, which quickly adjusts the smart devices in the home through graphical means. In the era of interconnection, the great advantage of AIOT is an important weapon for Xiaomi TV to sweep the market.

At present, the Xiaomi TV “Power Sales Festival” promotion is continuing to be hot, with unprecedented strength. Among them, Xiaomi TV 4A 65-inch price of 2999 yuan(~$447), Xiaomi TV 4X 55-inch price of 1999 yuan(~$298), Xiaomi TV 4A 49-inch for only 1499 yuan (~$223) and so on.

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