Xiaomi to introduce HyperCharge – A new record-breaking fast charging

Xiaomi has unexpectedly posted a promotional teaser on social media announcing a new fast charging technology.

What and when will they show?

So, the announcement is scheduled for tomorrow, May 31st . The technology is called HyperCharge, and Xiaomi promises record-breaking fast charging. But what kind of power it will have is unknown.

Recall that now the most powerful fast charging indicator for smartphones is 120 watts. It is supported by Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra , Nubia Red Magic 6 Pro and Vivo iQOO 7. But recently, there have been rumors of a 200W charger that Xiaomi is allegedly working on. Perhaps it is she who will debut tomorrow.

True, as the sources explain, 200W is the total indicator of all modes. For example, 120 watts for a wire 70W wirelessly and reverse charging of 10 watts.

Source: Xiaomi

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