ZTE Axon 30 Delayed: Smartphone with a sub-screen camera will still be released, but later. Why?

Today, ZTE made a presentation at which it introduced the flagships Axon 30 Ultra and Axon 30 Pro while depriving the younger model of the Axon 30. Thus, last year’s Axon 20 was left without a worthy successor with a sub-screen camera. Why?

ZTE Axon 30 Delayed, Not canceled

As Ni Fei, president of ZTE Mobile Devices, explained, Axon 30 will still be there: its announcement was not canceled, but simply postponed. This is due to the current global shortage of microcircuits, as well as other problems.

Ni Fei stressed that Axon 30 will be released soon, but did not name a specific date.

ZTE Axon 30 smartphone postponed

Recall that the smartphone should receive a new generation sub-screen front camera. The technology was demonstrated in January at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai. ZTE claims that it has been improved, so the new camera should shoot better than the old one.

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