China Mobile NZONE S7 is on sale officially.

China Mobile launched a new 5G smartphone NZONE S7 at the beginning of the new year.

The release of the NZONE S7 is a continuation of the NZONE brand “play without boundaries and tides” concept, targeting the younger users, simple atmosphere design and practical performance, cool and fun images, and a smart experience of technology and fashion.

NZONE S7 was officially launched at 10:08 on January 7, 2021.

5000mAh Battery + 22.5W Fast Charge

The increase in battery capacity can directly affect the battery life of the mobile phone. The NZONE S7 is equipped with a 5000mAh high-capacity battery and a 22.5W fast charge.

According to laboratory data, after charging for a quarter of an hour, you can enjoy watching local videos for 5 hours, allowing the NZONE S7 to continue its battery life.

Excellent performance inability. In addition, the in-depth optimization of NZONE S7 in the fields of battery, screen, video, audio, chip, Modem, operating system, short-range communication, 5G intelligent scheduling, etc., further improves the battery life of NZONE S7 and utilizes its large-capacity battery.

Good battery life, even if you play games for a whole day, it is enough to meet the needs of users in different usage scenarios.

NZONE S7 Gaming

High-frequency usage scenarios such as 5G communication, shooting short videos, and large-scale 3D games have put forward a greater test for the battery life of mobile phones.

The smart battery management system used by NZONE S7 can intelligently learn the user’s charging habits, and intelligently adjust the performance and low-power energy-saving mode according to the user’s usage habits. Battery life, so as to achieve a balance between performance and battery life.

China Mobile NZONE S7 Battery

Many times, when the phone battery is less than 10% of the cases, there is no need to worry. NZONE S7 low battery life special optimization, let the phone in the only remaining 10%charge of the case, still can support up to 51 hours of ultra-long standby, or 150 minutes of text chat, which can easily relieve battery anxiety based on the Labo data report.

In terms of design appearance, the NZONE S7 uses a 6.5-inch smooth eye protection screen, 20: 9 screen ratio, and nearly 90% of the screen ratio so the entire screen is totally natural.

75.79mm width and 8. 95mm thickness to let the user either in a vertical screen or horizontal screen chase drama playing the game can have a good grip comfort.

From a whole-body perspective, NZONE S7 with tough straight lines to shape the founder of the frame, and use light matte conjunction with the process, let the whole side of the fuselage showing the light of the dummy conversion effect, there is a sense of hierarchy.

This NZONE S7 provides Aoyama Jade, Moonlight Silver, and elegant black three different pure color schemes, green hills green color youthful-Packed fashion of the at right angles to the fuselage design with a fresh and light cyan color, is suitable for energetic young users.

China Mobile NZONE S7China Mobile NZONE S7 White

In the daily use of mobile phones, high-frequency usage scenarios such as watching TV shows, playing games, and reading e-books are indispensable. The various eye protection modes of NZONE S7 provide users with different eye protection solutions for different scenarios.

Even when browsing the web in dim light, or reading e-books for a long time, the eye protection mode of NZONE S7 can relieve the user’s eye discomfort caused by browsing the mobile phone screen for a long time; in e-book mode, the menu, themes, The wallpaper, APP icons, and content are all displayed in grayscale, allowing users to read while reducing the damage caused by long-term eye use.

In addition, “no PWM strobe” can also reduce the stimulation to the eye muscles, bringing a good experience.

Full Netcom Smart dual-mode 5G

NZONE S7 is equipped with a 5G SoC chip and supports dual 5G full Netcom: not only supports mobile, China Unicom, telecom 5G network and roaming frequency band and N28A radio and television mobile frequency band but also supports dual 5G, two 5G cards can work in 5G mode at the same time.


In normal travel, there are many scenes with poor signals such as taking elevators and subways. NZONE S7 can support automatic identification of the signal status of the main card. When the network status of the main card is not good, it can intelligently switch to the 5G signal of the secondary card.

In various scenarios, It can give users an excellent 5G mobile phone experience. NZONE S7 not only supports intelligent switching between dual 5G but also supports dual-channel optimization of 5G and Wi-Fi.

It can change the traditional 5G or Wi-Fi single-channel transmission mode into the 5G+Wi-Fi simultaneous transmission, thereby improving the overall speed, allowing users to easily follow dramas and games without disconnecting.

In addition to practical performance and high-value appearance, the NZONE S7 uses a 13-megapixel high-definition rear main camera, a 2-megapixel depth-of-field camera, and a 2-megapixel 4cm macro camera.

The camera system composed of three cameras has many functions such as high-definition shooting, AI Night Scene, AI Skin Beauty, Macro, AI Scene Recognition, etc., allowing users to focus on beautiful moments at any time.

NZONE S7 Camera

A trendy device for young people, exploring the future to connect

The NZONE brand under China Mobile advocates the concepts of exploration, future, novelty, and connection, aiming to lead the trendy culture of Generation Z and create a trendy play space that truly belongs to young people.

China Mobile launched the NZONE S7 mobile phone on the occasion of the New Year.

Its exquisite appearance, smooth and practical performance experience, and reliable quality provide a new choice for many young users who are preparing for a new phone in the New Year.

It is hoped that this trendy terminal for young people will enable every user to embrace 5G smart technology life with NZONE S7.

The new NZONE S7 under China Mobile was officially launched at 10:08 on January 7, 2022. The 6+128G version is priced at 1699 Yuan. It can be purchased in China Mobile business halls, major retailers, and major e-commerce platforms.

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