New OTA Update Carries Memory Fusion Feature in Tecno Camon 18, Pova Neo, Spark 8T & Spark 8 Pro

Tecno is bringing out a new software update for its smartphones in India. Tecno Camon 18, Tecno Pova Neo, Tecno Spark 8T, and Tecno Spark 8 Pro smartphones are getting a new software update.

Memory fusion, which is just another fancy name for Virtual RAM, will be available to owners of the aforementioned phones with the upcoming OTA update.

Memory Fusion Feature in Tecno Camon 18, Pova Neo, Spark 8T & Spark 8 Pro

Users always go for a phone that can toggle between multiple apps quickly, store large amounts of data, provide immersive gaming experiences, and run memory-intensive applications with reduced lag, according to the company, with more people looking for phones that offer uninterrupted performance at all times with ample storage.

To meet this demand, Tecno has released the ‘memory fusion’ feature through OTA update. This is effectively Virtual RAM, which allows users to use built-in storage as RAM for tasks and applications that do not require a lot of processing power.

According to the company, users of the Tecno Camon 18, Pova Neo, Spark 8T, and Spark 8 Pro will notice a considerable improvement in smartphone performance, with an average application start-up time of 80% faster and a 2x increase in the number of backend cache apps.

On these handsets, users will be able to increase RAM up to 5GB virtually.

Users of the Tecno Camon 18, which comes with 4GB RAM, will be able to increase it to 3GB, bringing the total to 7GB. In addition to the 6GB of physical RAM on the Tecno Pova Neo, you may add up to 5GB of virtual RAM.

Users may activate virtual RAM up to 3GB in addition to the current 4GB physical RAM on phones like the Tecno Spark 8T and Spark 8 Pro.

You’ll have to restart the phone after the Virtual RAM feature is enabled, much like the rest of the phones with virtual RAM features.

If you want to know about the Virtual RAM in details, click here.

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