Xiaomi and IKEA are working on a table with support for fast wireless charging

Xiaomi table: Xiaomi company together with the Netherlands trading group IKEA is going to release a new unusual product.

What is known?

We are talking about a table with support for fast wireless charging capacity of 20 watts.

This was told by the Chinese manufacturer in the social network Weibo. In the published video you can see that the new product is different from similar tables with this technology.

Wireless charging will work over the entire surface, and not in a specific place. Unfortunately, when the product will be released and how much it will cost, it is not reported yet.

Update - 2019.05.17Xiaomi officially introduced the new product.

As it turned out, this is a regular table into which anyone can embed a branded docking station for wireless charging.

Unfortunately, the smartphone in this way can be charged only in a certain place. The price of the table has not yet been disclosed.

  • Xiaomi table
  • Xiaomi table
  • Xiaomi table
  • Xiaomi table

Source: Weibo

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