Lumia 950 XL have Android 12, Does your phone have?

The modding community never sleeps and the one dedicated to Lumia 950 XL is certainly among the most active and sparkling. The latest top-of-the-range Microsoft based on Windows 10 Mobile, in fact, has already received unofficial support for many operating systems not initially foreseen for the platform, such as Windows 10 on ARM and even the brand new Windows 10X.

The latest news comes directly from the Twitter profile of Gustave Monce, one of the main modders of the Lumia scene, who shared the first images of his latest porting work: it is Android 12 running on a Luma 950 XL.

Many users have long been asking for the development of Android ROMs dedicated to Windows Phone / Mobile devices, however, the developments of this branch of modding have always gone slower than the conversion of the various versions of Windows, which are certainly more interesting and advanced.

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Monce has certainly created a very interesting and promising port, even if at the moment it is still a very embryonic work and certainly not suitable for everyday use.

Among the working things, in fact, only the touch and Bluetooth support are reported ( as long as you put the right files in the appropriate folders ), while hardware acceleration is not yet available, which makes the user experience slow and unpleasant.

Knowing the commitment made by Monce in his previous works, it is easy to imagine that it will not be long before the build of Android 12 will be at least usable, so we invite you to keep an eye on his Twitter profile (link in Source) to stay updated on the progress of the work.

In any case, we remind you that the Lumia 950 XL hardware is certainly not among the best performing on the market; any low-mid-range Android smartphone will certainly offer you a better experience than a Snapdragon 810 flanked by 3GB of RAM memory will be able to provide.

Obviously, the world of modding does not look so much to utility (even if once the porting of Android to Lumia could have “saved” some devices ), as to the fact of being able to reach a certain goal for the sake of it.

Lumia 950 XL is proving to be a flexible platform open to experimentation: if you still have one in your drawer it could be the right time to brush it up.

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