The screen password can’t protect your privacy. The real skill of information security depends on what Xiaomi says.

Nowadays, mobile phones have become our “personal things” and our private memory. From photos to chat records, from confidential documents to payment accounts, everything “cannot be leaked.”

To this end, we set a power-on password, enable fingerprint and face recognition, and guard against relatives and friends. Just when we were happy to guard against these tangible people, those intangible apps silently stole our information and brought greater losses. The scene of 315 exposure is still vivid.

In the face of these malicious infringement apps, can we only admit that we are unlucky? NO! Xiaomi folding screen MIX FOLD leads the industry with “one-click stealth”, “private space”, “privacy-safe” and “three lines of defense”.

Fangwei protects personal privacy and data security. In addition, Xiaomi MIX FOLD is also equipped with flares, interception nets, concealed masks, and other functions, making it the best choice for business people.


Upgrade the “secret space” to add double guarantees for data security.

For the “Bone Bone” who needs to work anytime, anywhere, the mobile phone often stores many personal phone numbers, photos, text messages, and even documents related to commercially confidential information.

Once it is leaked, it will definitely be stored in the mobile phone. Bring irreparable losses. As the industry’s first folding screen mobile phone with a handheld PC mode and AI conference assistant function, the ultra-high-end Xiaomi MIX FOLD regards file confidentiality as the top priority, newly upgraded the “secret space” and launched the “privacy safe” function.

This function uses the file sandbox mechanism to store private photo albums and important folders in a more secure directory for local encrypted storage.

The important files and private photos stored encrypted by the user can not only prevent active reading and malicious use by the mobile phone application through the permission of “read and write mobile phone storage”, but also prevent others from being directly browsed when using the owner’s mobile phone, adding double protection to the user.

The first release of “one-click stealth” to completely get rid of personal privacy “stalkers”.

As a business person, business trips are commonplace. Watching the weather, looking for restaurants, booking hotels, and checking routes are the most commonly used scenarios for mobile phones.

When you open these apps, your personal privacy and related data may be targeted by “stalkers”. Mi Folding screen MIX FOLD first launched the “one-key stealth” function, the one-key operation can switch the phone to a safe state, no longer have to worry about privacy leakage.

Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2

Users only need to click on the “Settings” or “Mobile Manager” interface to enter “Privacy Protection” and find the “Incognito Mode” function to turn on the “Incognito Mode”.

After the incognito mode function is turned on, the system will refuse applications to use the microphone, use the camera, and obtain the location, so as to protect your privacy.

In the era of big data, smartphones, as “personal objects”, have brought us a convenient life, and at the same time have become the “main position” of our personal information leakage.

As one of the “head players” of mobile phones, Xiaomi attaches great importance to the protection of personal privacy and data security, constantly refreshing industry standards.

This time Xiaomi MIX FOLD is once again at the forefront of the industry, with core functions such as “one-click incognito”, “private space”, and “privacy safe”, adding “three locks” to your mobile phone, plus other hardware and software.

The advantages in this respect will surely stand out among the ultra-high-end folding screen mobile phones.

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