Huawei Mate X folding screen 5G mobile phone More reliable than Galaxy Fold, Price and Availability Revealed

Huawei Mate X folding screen 5G mobile phone: Against the background of the scandal with flexible smartphones Samsung Galaxy Fold, their main competitor Huawei Mate X faded into the background. The company decided to remind about itself and announced the start of production of its flexible gadget.

When and how much?

For now, this is only a trial release. These smartphones are only for China, where sales start in June.

After that Huawei Mate X gets and to other countries, but it is unlikely there will be large-scale production: with the limited amount of BOE A flexible screens, the company is unlikely whether to release more than 300 million smartphones.

In Samsung Galaxy Fold in the advantage: the manufacturer is ready to release 700 thousand units, and power if necessary allow ” finish ” 300 thousand.

More reliable than Galaxy Fold

While the displays in the Galaxy Fold test patterns continue to fail, Huawei reinforces Mate X checks. To avoid the same problems, production testing standards have been raised. Therefore, the company is confident that Huawei Mate X will not disappoint users with non-working screens or ” peeled off ” protective coating.


At the same time, the cost of Huawei Mate X has become known. Price tags in different countries will be different: for China, it is about 2,090 dollars, for other countries it is more expensive – 2,540 dollars.


Source: QQ News

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