Razer company promised to launch a branded toaster for bread

Razer toaster: Razer CEO told fans that in the next few years, the company will launch a brand-name toaster.

What is the essence?

Back in 2013, ardent fans of the company created a Facebook page called Give us the Razer toaster. After that, in 2016, the company picked up a joke and in honor of the first of April announced a video with a novelty.

Naturally, this fueled the interest of users and they began, even more, to ask CEO Min-Liang Tan to make the idea a reality.

The head of the company agreed, but on the condition that the page will pick up 1 million likes. He also added that users can make tattoos and publish their photos (1 tattoo equals to 100 thousand likes).

And now, after 5 years, the page crossed the mark of 44 thousand. Also for all the time the action has published 12 photos of tattoos.

Min-Liang Tan has already promised to put together a group of designers and engineers to begin the project. When exactly comes out and how much the novelty will cost is still unknown.

Source: Facebook

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