Huawei MateX 5G stocks at least 100,000 units

Huawei MateX 5G stocks: In the first year of folding screens, the launch of new products really takes a long time. In the face of new technology experience, mobile phone manufacturers can only be very cautious, because it is very likely to fall off the cliff with a little carelessness. According to reports, Huawei is increasing its efforts to test the durability of folding screens.

Huawei MateX 5G stocks

According to the industry chain news, Huawei Mate X first volume of at least 100,000 units, the price may not exceed 14,000 yuan(~$2080). In addition, according to Huawei insiders, this folding screen mobile phone is expected to be listed before July (June)!

For the folding screen, the most concerned part of the user is the durability of the screen folding. Samsung had to postpone the listing because of problems such as folding the screen.

Huawei’s folding screen is listed in June, and the most important thing is to improve the life of the screen and give users a better folding experience.

Huawei MateX 5G stocks

Finally, Huawei recently announced the 5G equipment roadmap. Huawei 5G was first listed in mid-June.

Huawei Mate X 5G version was released before July, 5G mobile WiFi was listed in September, and Huawei’s new 5G mobile phone may be listed in October.

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