Google will host the Android Global Developer Summit on October 23rd, the first show ANDROID R (ANDROID 11) ?

Android Global Developer Summit on October 23rd: Android is one of the most popular systems from Google in the world, and the company ensures that it releases a new version with updated features every year.

Although Android Q (“Android 10.0”) is currently only launching two beta systems for Pixel devices, Google has decided to seriously discuss the next generation.

The Android Developer official account announces that the Android Global Developer Summit will be held at the Google Event Center (MP7) in Sunnyvale, California from October 23rd to 24th. It is likely that Google will announce information related to the “Android R(Android 11)” system for the first time.

At present, the initial letter code of the Google Android system version evolves in the natural order of 26 English characters, so it should be “R” after “P” and “Q”.

Of course, there will be Google’s I/O conference on May 7 this year, but according to the progress, the official version of Android Q will not be released at that time but will be around the fall.

From the perspective of Android Q, Google has made a lot of improvements in power saving, gesture operation, notification management, access control, security (random MAC address), etc., hope that manufacturers can upgrade as soon as possible.

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